Hi everyone!  I have recently had a chance to partake in some guest posts that are topics near and dear to me!  Also, I have had an author spotlight!  Why not check them out?

  1. Equestrian Author Spotlight: Meet Christine Meunier. Thanks so much, Carly!
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  3. Investing in Your Education – Learning Online for Free at EPIFE.com.

Hi everyone!

I apologise that this blog has been silent of late – I definitely have been busy!

  1. In early October B and B was featured on the Books for Book Lovers Blog.  You can view details here.
  2. I wrote a new post over at Horse Crossings, title Pay It Forward.  What not have a read and let me know your thoughts?
  3. I have started 2 new books, which will be the first two in a new series aimed at adults, focused on the horse breeding world.  I am looking for people who are interested in reading my new releases and being one of the firsts to provide a review in exchange for an electronic copy of the book!  Be sure to sign up to my author newsletter and let me know if you’re interested!

We’re having some beautiful spring weather on my side of the world.  I hope life’s treating you well!



I was recently able to publish a post over at Horse Crossings about my latest release, B and B. Why not head over to take a look? While you’re at it, you can tell me about an equine release that you’re eagerly anticipating!

Hi everyone! As authors, it is exciting for us when things finally culminate in the release of a new book. The writing, editing, seeking feedback, cover design and other odds and ends have all come together to create a finished product.

And I have been blessed to experience that once again, quite recently. My latest release is a novel for adult readers. It is a horse based, Christian romance. Interested?  Read the rest of the post at the above link… 🙂

There are many people who help make a book come together. Once it is written, it needs to be edited. A book cover needs to be designed with photos or illustrations. The book needs to be formatted and published.

Although there are talented people out there who may do the majority of these things, often more than one person is involved in this task. This was the case for the release of B and B.

So I wanted to say a big thank you to two people in particular who helped out along the way. Both are fellow authors, although in very different topics!

  • A big thank you to Dominique, a friend in Canada for his feedback and corrections when reading through the first copy of B and B. You picked up on a lot of little things that when adjusted improved the story! Dominique is set to release a book in the near future.
  • Thanks also goes to Kathie Thomas, who provided one of the photos on the B and B cover. You can check out some of Kathie’s photography online.

I just had to share about B and B‘s first review! I’m rapt that it has been given a 5 star review on Amazon. Thanks Gina!

Have you secured your copy yet?

Well in line with B and B’s release on Amazon, the book is getting some promotion online.  Why not take a look?

Thanks for the help, ladies!

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I’m rapt that my latest novel B and B is now live and available to readers!

I look forward to reading what you think!

Hi everyone!  Below is an excerpt for the soon to be released B and B.  Below this you’ll find a link for purchase and links to two equine excerpts by other authors. Enjoy!

Ben finished his third cup of coffee before heading back out to the mare. He’d checked on her every couple of hours over the course of the evening and although she hadn’t worsened, she’d taken awhile for her symptoms to decline. He’d never been so relieved to see a horse pass manure than at 3:00 that morning. He’d checked her again at 5:00 and been rewarded with a spectacular sunset shortly after.
He fed the horses early, knowing he might as well get it out of the way before it got too hot and then checked on Ellie again at 8:00 and 10:00. The last check he’d been pleased to find that she was eating and drinking quite happily, calling out to her friends in the paddock and her temperature had gone down.
“Just a couple more hours of me observing you before I put you back out to pasture, girlie,” he’d explained as he watched the farm utility vehicle heading down the drive with three females on their way to church.
A couple of hours later and they were returning. Ben was once again checking on the mare, lost in his own thoughts as he watched her methodically chew on another flake of hay.
“How’s Ellie doing?” Brooke suddenly asked from beside him, gaining his attention, “Margaret said she had colic last night?”
Ben nodded.
“Yeah. I think she’s passed the worst of it, though. She started eating normally about six this morning and seems to have her digestive system functioning fine,” he responded with a tired smile.
Brooke returned the smile. Ben noticed that Ella wasn’t with her; he concluded she must have gone inside with Margaret.
“You look beat! Did you get much sleep last night in between checks?” Brooke asked.
Ben shrugged.
“Is there a ride booked this afternoon?” she questioned further.
Ben nodded.
“Yeah, a few experienced riders. It’ll be nice to go for a bit of a run,” he responded, causing Brooke to grin.
“I’ll bet! I hope it’s refreshing for you, rather than tiring.”
Ben glanced at Brooke’s attire as she leant on the rail to the yard Ellie was in. She was dressed simply but beautifully. Suddenly he thought about her comment at Ella’s birthday lunch. Maybe she dresses so nicely for a man at church.
“So does your man go to church?” he asked suddenly, not able to take the question back although he would have liked to.
Brooke looked at him in confusion.
“My man…?”
“I was thinking about your comment to Jake about not being single… and well, there aren’t really many opportunities around here,” he gestured at the property before them, “to meet people, so I wondered if he went to the church you go along to each week.”
Brooke laughed.
“Oh! Honestly the congregation is made up of mainly older people…” her voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper, “and I just said that to tease Jake.”
Her laughter hit something deep within him. He couldn’t decide what made it beautiful, but was surprised to find that that was how he would describe it. Perhaps it was the fact that it followed a statement of her being available that made it so appealing.
It wasn’t until she turned her attention to him that he realised he must have crept closer. How else was her face now so close to his? She smiled at him, seemingly oblivious to the thoughts racing through his mind.
It wasn’t until she looked up at him in surprise that he realised he had gone too far. He wondered if his gaze mirrored hers. How had he kissed her? Fool!
“I’m… sorry,” he muttered, taking a step back to put some space between them.
“For kissing me?” she asked in confusion.
He frowned. What else would I be apologising for?
“Umm… yeah.”
“Because you didn’t want to do that?”
He looked at her, struggling to gather his thoughts. He wasn’t sure what she wanted him to say; why he needed to clarify in what way he was sorry for having crossed a boundary that shouldn’t have been crossed.
“I don’t tend to do things that I don’t want to do,” he muttered, taking another step back.
“So you did want to kiss me?” she asked clarifying.
Just get out of here.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have kissed you,” Ben responded firmly, turning on his heel and striding off.
He forced himself to not run away, but was sure that his pace increased even as the distance between them did. Why did his cabin seem so far away?

If you enjoyed reading a little of this story, perhaps you’d like to purchase the novel! You can stay up to date on Christine’s releases at Amazon.

Why not read some equine excerpts from other authors?

B and B by Christine Meunier; Click to Enlarge

B and B by Christine Meunier; Click to Enlarge

Hi everyone!  I’m pleased to release the cover of my newest novel, B and B!  71% of people who voted on the covers indicated this one to be their preference!

Have you had a chance to read the blurb yet?  As one who likes to play with pictures, I’ve created a graphic in style with the cover that has the blurb on it.  What do you think?



B and B Blurb

B and B Blurb

Hi everyone!

I have just finished designing some options for the cover to B and B!  Why not help me decide on which one to use?  You can do so by heading along to http://www.facebook.com/HorseCountryBook

Here’s the blurb for B and B:

Things are changing…
Ben likes his life at Happy Trails.  As a trail guide on a property in Australia he doesn’t have to work hard to make friends.  All he needs to do is make sure his clients are safe on their horses and have an enjoyable ride.
Ben can manage that.  He loves that he can work with horses all day, every day.  The humans are an added annoyance but he only has to deal with them in short bouts.
The new cook hired for the farm looks like she could be a complication.  Ben is averse to change and he is certain her arrival means change.

Brooke knows the trial position as cook at Happy Trails is a blessing.  She needs a job to support herself and her daughter – the fact that she can cook for an income is an added bonus.
If she can just avoid the interest of trail guide and jokester Jake, she’ll be fine.  After all, she isn’t interested in a new male in her life.  She just wants to focus on her daughter and make a future for them.