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Well I’m excited to say that the three days I had New Blood for free on Amazon resulted in downloads in five different countries!  Even more exciting, I’ve not had downloads in Germany before and it happened this time 🙂

New Blood (Thoroughbred Breeders 1) by Christine Meunier

New Blood (Thoroughbred Breeders 1) by Christine Meunier

I love breaking into new markets for potential readers so I’m rapt about this.  Overall the countries included:

  • United States (71% downloads)
  • United Kingdom (14% downloads)
  • Canada (7% downloads)
  • Japan (4% downloads)
  • Germany (4% downloads)

Generally this list isn’t a surprise to me except for two things.  I’m amazed at the lack of Australian downloads as these are fairly consistent for my Free Rein series.  And Germany as I’ve mentioned is a new country for my books to be downloaded in.

It seems that there are a lot of people in the US and UK who make use of Amazon and purchase/read my books!  This has been the case consistently with my Free Rein series as well as B and B and Horse Country.

Perhaps a goal for me for 2017 will be to break into other countries.  I’d love to reach the New Zealand market and other English speaking countries.  So!  Did you get to download your copy of New Blood?  Have you added it to your Goodreads list yet?

Hi everyone!

New Blood by Christine Meunier

New Blood by Christine Meunier

To celebrate the release of the first two books in my new series Thoroughbred Breeders, I have made book 1, New Blood free on Amazon from November 24 – 26!

This is based on US time, so it’s a little later in the day for those of us in Australia!  Follow the above link to be able to download your free copy!  Feel free to share with others who you think could be interested, too! 🙂

Also, you can add the first two books in the Thoroughbred Breeders series to your to be read list on Goodreads – New Blood and No Hoof, No Horse!


Hi everyone!

I’m rapt to be able to tell you that I’ve just had two books go live on Amazon!  They’re the first two books in my new series Thoroughbred Breeders.

New BloodSavannah Reynier is doing exactly what she wants in life. After finishing a horse breeding course she has landed a job and been working on a thoroughbred stud for the past year.

Her days are made up of looking after mares and foals, witnessing births and helping to breed horses. Plus, one day a week she holds horses for the farrier men who come to trim the horses’ feet.

Savannah has sworn she won’t date farriers – not ever again. Not after Jackson.

So what is she to do about the new apprentice in town? With an attractive frame, gorgeous smile and green eyes Savannah knows she’s already in trouble. Add a clever mind to the mix and she knows she needs to stick to her resolve. But looking never hurt anyone, right?

New Blood, (Thoroughbred Breeders 1) by Christine Meunier

New Blood, (Thoroughbred Breeders 1) by Christine Meunier

No Hoof, No HorseCraig Pieters is enjoying his new role as a farrier. It sure makes a nice change from long hours, dealing with emergencies and being on call. He’s also coming to like the small town that he works in and around.

Travelling mainly to thoroughbred properties he is given the chance to meet a lot of the locals – mainly young women who work on the studs. Although Craig isn’t looking to add a further complication to his two part time jobs and study, one pair of blue eyes distracts him.

Why is it that the one person who has drawn his interest seems to show no sign of reciprocation? Craig knows it’s better to focus on his career goals and getting established in the town. However, he can’t help but be drawn to the dark haired woman who challenges him to think about what he does and why.

No Hoof, No Horse (Thoroughbred Breeders 2) by Christine Meunier

No Hoof, No Horse (Thoroughbred Breeders 2) by Christine Meunier

The above links take you along to their Amazon pages so that you can check them out and purchase if you fancy!

Hi everyone!  I have recently had a chance to partake in some guest posts that are topics near and dear to me!  Also, I have had an author spotlight!  Why not check them out?

  1. Equestrian Author Spotlight: Meet Christine Meunier. Thanks so much, Carly!
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Hi everyone!

I apologise that this blog has been silent of late – I definitely have been busy!

  1. In early October B and B was featured on the Books for Book Lovers Blog.  You can view details here.
  2. I wrote a new post over at Horse Crossings, title Pay It Forward.  What not have a read and let me know your thoughts?
  3. I have started 2 new books, which will be the first two in a new series aimed at adults, focused on the horse breeding world.  I am looking for people who are interested in reading my new releases and being one of the firsts to provide a review in exchange for an electronic copy of the book!  Be sure to sign up to my author newsletter and let me know if you’re interested!

We’re having some beautiful spring weather on my side of the world.  I hope life’s treating you well!



I was recently able to publish a post over at Horse Crossings about my latest release, B and B. Why not head over to take a look? While you’re at it, you can tell me about an equine release that you’re eagerly anticipating!

Hi everyone! As authors, it is exciting for us when things finally culminate in the release of a new book. The writing, editing, seeking feedback, cover design and other odds and ends have all come together to create a finished product.

And I have been blessed to experience that once again, quite recently. My latest release is a novel for adult readers. It is a horse based, Christian romance. Interested?  Read the rest of the post at the above link… 🙂

There are many people who help make a book come together. Once it is written, it needs to be edited. A book cover needs to be designed with photos or illustrations. The book needs to be formatted and published.

Although there are talented people out there who may do the majority of these things, often more than one person is involved in this task. This was the case for the release of B and B.

So I wanted to say a big thank you to two people in particular who helped out along the way. Both are fellow authors, although in very different topics!

  • A big thank you to Dominique, a friend in Canada for his feedback and corrections when reading through the first copy of B and B. You picked up on a lot of little things that when adjusted improved the story! Dominique is set to release a book in the near future.
  • Thanks also goes to Kathie Thomas, who provided one of the photos on the B and B cover. You can check out some of Kathie’s photography online.

I just had to share about B and B‘s first review! I’m rapt that it has been given a 5 star review on Amazon. Thanks Gina!

Have you secured your copy yet?

Well in line with B and B’s release on Amazon, the book is getting some promotion online.  Why not take a look?

Thanks for the help, ladies!

Click to Purchase

I’m rapt that my latest novel B and B is now live and available to readers!

I look forward to reading what you think!