For those who are Amazon fanatics – you can’t get enough of downloading and reading books – chances are you know about Kindle Unlimited. If you’re paying a monthly subscription fee to download and read books for free, I encourage you to check out any of my novels – or non-fiction works! – that you might not have read yet.

All of my books are found on Amazon in Kindle form and each one is signed up to Kindle Unlimited. This means that if you are a member of KU, then you can access all of my books for free!

Christine Meunier Author ( on Kindle Unlimited

Christine Meunier Author ( on Kindle Unlimited

So what does this include?

My standalone novels Horse Country and B and B, as well as the four books in the Thoroughbred Breeders series (I’m working on #5 currently!) and the 6 books in the Free Rein series. For those who have an interest in horse related careers and the non-fiction variety of books, I have two others. These are titled Equine Passive Income Streams and 52 Steps to Kick-Start Your Equine Career. Both are short reads, under 60 pages in length and only 0.99 to purchase!

If you’re not yet a member of KU but would happily pay a monthly subscription fee to access millions of books for free, head on over to Amazon and sign up!

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