Recently I received a new review for B and B. I have been investing my energies in writing more of the Thoroughbred Breeders series and promoting Contagious (Free Rein series) and Recessive (Thoroughbred Breeders).

B and B by Christine Meunier

B and B by Christine Meunier

B and B hasn’t received any promotion since it’s release in August 2016. At that stage I was able to line up many forms of promotion online. Recently I had a late reply from someone who received a review request from me. She said the blurb of the story intrigued her and she’d be interested to read and review this Christian fiction.

The recent review has left a lot of room for thought. There is plenty of constructive criticism to go alongside the 3/5 star review.

As an author, it can be disappointing to find that there are aspects of your story that just don’t work for other people. What is unique about this review is the closing statement:

“a solid story that is gentle, and clean, and definitely appeals to Christian audiences. It has a sense of warmth and is a kind piece, especially being a horse fiction. I believe Meunier is a writer who will prosper in Christian fiction and I am very happy to have read her work.”

Yay! This last line is a positive one to end the review on. It took me a little while to focus on this.

I believe it’s important to consider all of a review. There may be aspects you can use to improve further writings. Or perhaps it just clears up for you as an author, what you want to get across in your novels. I do know that I am happy to be determined by this reader as one who will make it in the world of Christian fiction – this is one of my aims!

Always look for the positive, but use the constructive to improve your writing, too.

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