This post is a part of the Horse Travels blog hop over at Equus Education. The question to be answered is – If you could travel anywhere in the world for something horse related, where would it be and what would you do?

I am a huge fan of the thoroughbred breed. Although I am not a racing fanatic, I love this particular breed and am thankful to the racing industry for all of the work and experienced I have gained with horses. I think thoroughbreds are very versatile and can succeed over a myriad of horse disciplines and sports, not just racing.

I first studied horses after high school focusing on a diploma of horse studies (breeding). This course focused on thoroughbreds as North East Victoria is full of thoroughbred studs and it is an industry where you can easily pick up work if you’re keen and have skills.

As I was studying, a friend and I developed a desire to head to the United States to see the three legs of the Triple Crown and to attend some yearling sales in Keeneland. So my horse travel goal would be to head over to the States and attend the Derby, Belmont and Preakness as well as some yearling sales. I’d love to check out Kentucky and see if the image of it portrayed in horse stories (like the Thoroughbred series by Joanna Campbell) are true to form.

What’s your horse travel dream? Take part in the blog hop and post on your blog!

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