It’s an interesting thing to read reviews and find out what your readers ‘see’ when they take in your words. I recently received my first review for New Blood, book 1 in the Thoroughbred Breeders series. This was by a fellow equine author, Ann Hunter. Ann also writes a series that focuses on the thoroughbred breed – North Oak.

Ann’s review on Amazon made reference to the male lead – Craig Pieters. She stated:

“…fetch the horses and bring them to hottie farrier Craig (who I picture looking like Curtis Stone 😀 )”.

Now I have to plead ignorance in this area – the name meant nothing to me!  It wasn’t until I saw his image that I thought he’s familiar. It’s amusing to me that he is a fellow Australian. Especially when I consider that Craig’s character is South African. However, when you consider the description of Craig’s character from Savannah’s point of view:

“She nodded politely as she took in the scruffy brown hair, small amount of stubble and curiously green eyes.”

Curtis Stone - who do you Picture Craig Pieters to Look Like?

Curtis Stone – who do you Picture Craig Pieters to Look Like?

I love with stories how it’s possible to picture characters how you would see them. Often as we read, we’re given descriptions of build, height, hair colour, eye colour, etc. But these are general and we can conjure an image that is quite different to the next person who reads the same story. And so it is interesting for me to see Craig and how he looks to Ann.

Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone

And I’m further curious. Have you read Horse Country? How do you picture the Irish male lead, Declan?  Or Lise? What about the red headed twins who make up Melanie and Madeline?

If you’ve recently delved into the Thoroughbred Breeders series, how do you picture Craig and Savannah? If you’ve read beyond the first book, has your image of Savannah changed?

Equine Authors United – Are you familiar with fellow equine author Ann Hunter? You may like to check out her series North Oak.

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